About Company

About Company

About ALLSURG…….

ALLSURG is a registered brand of Alliance Surgical Industries, a company involved in manufacturing of premium quality dental and surgical instruments since 1994 and supplied earlier to leading companies in india and abroad.And now comes with its own branding and marketing  policies. We aim to provide excellent customer service and we promote a 'can do' culture.Our customers are our most important asset and ALLSURG endeavours to provide a personalized customer service experience. We aim to provide the highest level of customer service to the International Healthcare market and are proud that we have built and continue to maintain solid relationships with our customers and distributors.

At all times we aim to provide high-quality surgical products with quality matching German made instruments. Our instrument range is regularly updating and growing with the newest technological advances. We are proud to offer cutting edge surgical instruments at competitive, value for money prices.

ALLSURG has adopted modern means of marketing and communications, which it intends in cultivating , and close partnership with its customers, improving the image of the product and communication with customers and www.allsurg.in is an online and e- commerce platform that allows distributers & direct customer “real time” direct ordering facilities, account activity review, order tracking and order confirmation. In addition , the website offers an online catalog with product images, valuable information on instrument care, new product announcements , offers, and many more.

ALLSURG provides long term guarantees / warranties for its instruments and investing in ALLSURG instruments is highly appreciated and it is a significant step in controlling cost and improving patient care.